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MYeBills Consulting Sdn Bhd was established in 2006 with a vision to be the best-of-breed “e” solutions provider in the region. We leveraged on the world industries leading technology and our in-depth knowledge of local market to help and shape the industries in which we work. Our dedications, focused, and passions have made us the most experience team to provide Electronic Billing & Payment (EBPP) solutions, consultancy and support in this region.

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Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentment (EBP)

MYeBills offers customisable end-to-end e-Billing, e-Invoicing, e-Statement, and e-Payment solutions that support both business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations. Our solutions is capable to strengthen your customers loyalty with lower operating and support costs.

With our solutions, you will be able to power a range of online, interactive applications, extending well beyond electronic billing and statements to include customer services, marketing, and other one-to-one communications. Doing more with less – the solutions can be implemented promptly, reliably and securely with lower cost of ownership but allow you to increase contacts and quality of customer services in ways that are impossible with paper documents.

Our e-Billing addresses the needs of specific verticals – let that be in financial services, healthcare, insurance, postal, telecommunications, transportation, or utilities industry – we have the solution that meet your challenging business needs, and/or compliances/regulations.

Document Composition

With the comprehensive composition solution, you can publish your document as printed pages and/or as emails, web pages, PDF documents, SMS messages, XML files and faxes. Typical documents such as dynamic billing statements, transactional, and transpromotional documents, corporate reports, direct mail, customised insurance policies, one-to-one marketing letters, etc.

Web Remittance

MYeBills Web Remittance (MeBRemit) provides a platform for remittance companies performing web-based cash-in and cash-out across multiple regions, agents/partners with commission sharing scheme.

Merchant Application Portal

Merchant Application Portal (MeBMAP) is a real-time web portal for merchant application’s submission with its relevant supporting documents. This real-time web portal may integrate with checking system(s) for prompt approval. It is capable to create merchant accounts real-time on backend system. And terminal vendors are accessible to the portal for terminal deployment. The system comes with the application status tracking and monitoring features.

Email Delivery Solution

Email Delivery Solution (MeBMail) is a platform for enterprises or business owners to deliver their bills, invoices, statements, marketing campaign, etc through our in-house email solution. MeBMail provides real-time tracking, reliable mail sending and secured by next generation security.

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We turn our vast and deep
experience into reusable knowledge.

Project Management

Leverage our expertise across key customer implementations.


Apply our product and industry intimacies to execute solutions.

Post Implementation Support

Help organizations to decrease costs yet meet customers’ new demands.


Maintain a competitive advantage.




ebpSource Limited was founded in 2006, ebpSource provides e-billing and payment software, consultancy and support to global billers, banks and payment processors. Managed by the most experienced team in the international electronic billing and payment industry, ebpSource delivers software solutions, consultancy and support to global billers, banks and payment processors.

Objectif Lune


PrintSoft’s solutions help you manage high volume correspondence (transactional, promotional, corporate, etc), by covering all aspects of a document life cycle. From correspondence management to hybrid mail solutions, from the designing stages to production, we work hard so you don’t have to.

PrintSoft along with Objectif Lune, shares with you 20+ years of great ideas helping you communicate in the most efficient way possible. With simple, effective and open solutions we put you back in control.

About Us

“Maybank and its partner MYeBills Consulting were able to deliver an integrated solution that not only addresses the remittance channel challenge but also manages the fraud and money laundering risks that come with the territory”

--- Chris Kapfer, Head of Asian Banker Research
The Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards 2011

MYeBills Consulting Sdn Bhd is a fast growing IT Services and Technology Solutions Provider. We strive to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions and ultimate customer service.

Since our incorporation in 2006, MYeBills has steadily grown and become a dynamic and highly reputable organisation particularly in the areas of Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentment, Document Composition, Web Remittance, and Merchant Portal. Our commitments, methodologies and skilled staff help deliver projects on time and on budget.

MYeBills is staffed by experienced professionals with a wide array of experience in Software, Systems, Quality Assurance, and Project Management. The alliance with our technology partners is to combine their solutions with our local business knowledge and project delivery expertise to provide the leading edge eBusiness solutions.

MYeBills offers an array of professional services to assist our clients in addressing their IT service needs in a flexible and cost effective manner. Our diverse delivery model and multi-platform capabilities enables us to provide the utmost suitable skills, services, and solutions to meet our customers’ challenging business demands and compliances.

Our end-to-end solutions capabilities enable us to delivery projects with single point responsibility.

With our focus on eBusiness solutions, we have developed specialised products and solutions that help businesses to integrate processes, deliver electronic services, archive greater operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and reduce costs.

Our hosted email delivery solution (MeBMail) further helps minimise infrastructure costs and maximise the reliability and security of data and applications with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.